Thursday, April 05, 2007

Broadcast Area.

Thanks, Mr. Cell Phone Guy.

I'm glad that I was able to learn all sorts of new and useful things from you today. Things I never would have known if you weren't talking so damn loud on your cell phone.

I never would have known:
  • About that bar in Victoria that is off the hook - and how after that fly chick wants you to chill at her place. Good for you.
  • That you didn't have a car. You were so excited when your friend called and told you they were going to Vic. You even said " I'll call my moms and let her know I don't need a ride". I'm sure she's glad she doesn't have to adjust your car seat for you either.
  • That you can't put your leg straight. Somehow messed it up ballin', I believe you said. That's tragic in it's own right - the world should not be denied the awesome skills your 5'7 frame can bring to the court.
All this learned in less than 10 minutes while waiting to get my haircut. The sad fact is that I could hear you after I left the waiting area. I could hear you over the radio, the random chatter and even over the trimmers as they cleaned up my neckline. I'm sure that what you have going on is so important that everyone has to hear it.

The fact that you appeared to be in your mid-20's, yet spoke and sounded like a 15 year-old from the mean streets was the only mystery to me. Explain how that works, will ya?
I hope someone asks you the next time you take a call. And I hope I'm somewhere within a five-block radius, 'cause then I know I'll hear the response.


Song On My Mind - "Divine Intervention" By Matthew Sweet.
Reading - "Uncle John's Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader" By The Bathroom Reader's Institute

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