Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bad Karma.

Someone up above is pissed at me.

I'm not sure what I've done to provoke such divine outrage, but I'm feeling the pain in many little ways. Let me tell you of some of the random things that have happened in the past two days:
  • I have suddenly developed a puffy eye. Not enough to become hideously disfigured, but enough to be annoying. I've tried the home remedies to no avail. After waiting at the Doctor's office for two hours - he tells me to continue what I've been doing and to take some eye drops. (Did I mention the kids were with me? Not fun making two kids wait for two hours.)
  • I plop down on my bed last night to watch some T.V. before going to sleep. I turn the T.V. on, the picture looks funny, starts to get smaller and smaller, the speakers emit a loud screech and POP! sparks fly out the back. I unplug the T.V. and notice the smell of burnt wires. Oh Joy.
  • At work the other day, I'm informed by a customer that a young man grabbed something and ran out. I see him running across the parking lot. I give chase, and as I'm about to say "Hey stop!", I trip and fall. Scrape myself up on the concrete pretty bad. Turns out the customer was wrong and the kid didn't take anything. I'm not only in pain, but embarrassed to boot.
That's only scratching the surface.
I hope the pendulum begins to swing the other way, because right now, I'm in need of some good tidings.

When you are this low, things can only look up.


Song On My Mind - "My Humps" By Alanis Morissette. (Awesome)
Reading - "Nothing at All" By Nobody.


  1. Cheer up - it could have been ALOT worse!

    What if the TV had set fire to your house, or you broke an ankle or something while trying to chase the kids.

    Who knows eh?

  2. You have seagulls. Don't look up.