Saturday, April 07, 2007

Communication Letdown.

I'm a bit disappointed in my e-mail.

I don't get any good spam anymore.

I'll chalk it up to good browsing habits and only giving out my address when absolutely necessary, but I am a bit nostalgic for the days of my first Hotmail account.

Nobody seems to care about my penis nowadays.

Back then, I was almost overcome with a deluge of mail inquiring as to my penis's length, girth and all around general well being.

Today's check of my e-mail revealed an advertising letter from a country-music radio station. (Trust me, I view this as spam. Whoever put my address on that mailing list needs to be shot.)
No one wants to help my penis, or let me see XXX photos of Britney's lesbian rehab love affair. (Not that I'd want too, but still...)

I feel like I'm out of the loop.

My penis feels like it's out of the loop.

It's all quite sad, really.


Song on My Mind - " Love Train" By Wolfmother.
Reading - "Hobbits - still with the Hobbits."

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