Friday, April 13, 2007

In My Bathroom...

  • I never leave unscathed. I either cut myself shaving, or stub my toe on the scale. One of these days I'm sure I'll be in a horrendous accident.
  • I never use the other towel. That one's off limits. (Next April Fools Day I'm dipping a corner of it in the toilet water.)
  • I'm the only one who throws out empty shampoo bottles. Ever since I heard the song "At a Medium Pace" I don't want them laying around.
  • The one thing that drives me crazy is seeing a toothpaste tube that's squeezed in the middle. Bottom to top, people! That's how it's made to come out!
  • I sometimes sing. But not as well as this guy.
  • I sometimes fake it. I just go in and read for a minute - to enjoy the solitude.... and the awesome new air freshener. (Mmm - Vanilla.)


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