Thursday, April 12, 2007

Act of Faith.

What do you believe?

My philosophical beliefs are not set in stone. Do I believe in a higher power? Sometimes. Do I believe in fate and Karma? Sometimes. (Karma when I'm playing Poker.)

Faith is a crap-shoot. Roll the dice and see what you get. Is there a right or wrong? Nobody knows. I'd hate to see the end of the world come rolling along only to find out that The Hare Krishna's were the One True Religion. I don't want my last thoughts to be "I should have spent more time at the Airport."

I've read books, I've watched films. Very few of these ever dealt with religion. (Why did I type it then?) I think that whatever you decide for yourself is the way to go. But try to cover all your bases. It's all well and good to be a practicing Taoist, but who says you can't also go to Mass on Sundays? Religion is similar to a playoff pool. Hedge your bets and you'll be in for the long run.

The Atheists? They aren't even watching the game.

I'm going to try for the Trifecta - Christianity, Practicing Muslim, and Radical Cult Member.
(Does Tim Horton's have a cult?)

Come Armageddon - I'll be going somewhere.


Song on My Mind - "Battle of Who Could Care Less" By Ben Folds Five.
Reading - "The Bathroom reader Book of Odd" By Uncle John.

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