Sunday, April 22, 2007

P.C. 101.

B.C. Ferries is changing the propeller symbols on it's new boats.

People called and complained that the symbols looked like swastikas. (The funny thing is the ships are manufactured in Germany.)

Now I've seen clouds that looked like swastikas, but you don't see me accusing God of being a Nazi.

If people just stopped and thought for a moment before getting all bent out of shape, stupid mistake like this wouldn't happen. If you think a company would blatantly put Nazi symbols on the vessels they use to serve the public, then you obviously have been huffing too many fumes.
It's a boat - it's obviously a propeller. If it was carved into the foreheads of the workers, then you may say it could be something else.

If my car had a smudge of tar on the front bumper, would you accuse me of pretending to be Hitler?

Get a life.


1 comment:

  1. these people should go to Tibet, via Niger. People need to learn the sources for the things they've personally decided seem too close to some sacred topic, as part of growing up. Then they need to shut up.

    And we need to stop coddling these people so they can grow up, and I blame BCFerries for that .. among many other things.