Monday, April 30, 2007

Safe at Home.

Where do you start your Internet Day?

My Homepage is

I like it because it's clean and blank. Having my browser open to Google is like stepping out the door on a sunny day - you can go anywhere you want.
(I should say now that I don't work for Google - heck, I'm not even running AdSense on my blog.)

I've worked on people's computers who use Yahoo or Msn as their homepage. It's just too much crap all crammed into one space. There are 15 different items trying to vie for your attentions. Not my cup of tea when I'm just looking to get my news in the morning. (Yeah, you guessed it -

Where does everyone else start?
What site do you like to see when your pull out onto the Information Superhighway?

I've shown you mine - you show me yours.


1 comment:

  1. Same, except (guess my nationality!)

    At work though it is my works' homepage (make sense?)