Wednesday, May 31, 2006


My desk is a strange area.

It is full of bits and pieces, things to be done, things completed that need to be thrown out, and crap that's been sitting around because I'm just a great procrastinator.

There is a various assortment of pens, (some of which actually work!) scraps of paper, books, disks and for some reason, about three screwdrivers. (Still can't remember what I pulled them out for.) There's the pile of crap I take out of my pocket when I come home from work, and some of that is just stuff I should have thrown out earlier in the day. It's like a black hole in the corner of the room, slowly sucking everything towards it.

And yes, I said corner. To save space, it's a corner workstation, which means it's like, half a desk. When this puppy grows up, after drinking it's milk, it aspires to be a full sized desk. Take a pint-sized desk and a full sized monitor and you can imagine the sprawling amounts of space I have. Which makes all the shit I described earlier seem twice as messy.

So why am I rambling on about my desk? Well, I have to move it. Which means I have to clean it. It's moving to be closer to a phone outlet, as I'm switching to DSL, instead of the cable outlet where I am now. (Oh, to be wireless and free of all constraint.) The upside of the move? Cheaper rates, same speed, and a 19 inch LCD monitor (to be delivered later) which will save mucho space on the already mentioned cramped desk.

Will I gloat and ramble on about the new monitor when it gets here? All in good time my friends, all in good time.

Now, if I could get some help with the moving....


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  1. On my desk, I have an ant farm. I WIN! When it starts working well, I'll take pictures.

    DSL? Just when I thought we'd outgrown the Chevy Sprint, here you go buying one for your Internet. Please, dear god, say he didn't sign up for any kind of contract. Oh please.