Thursday, May 11, 2006


If there is one type of person who frustrates me, it's the Know It All.

Correction: The Know It All that doesn't have a clue is the one that drives me bat-shit insane. If they did really know it all, then I wouldn't have to deal with their lazy asses, because they would already know that I think they are a waste of skin, and that they should maybe pick up the pace before I boot them in the backside.

Whew. Thanks.

It's not a bad night or anything, it's just that sometimes these type of people get under my skin. If I'm not doing anything, it's because I have all MY shit done, and my only job is to then check up on you, not to talk to you, or hear about the latest adventure of Jesus Christ.

(Sorry about that last part, I thought I got it all out.)

I don't normally rant about work, because it's not a bad job and I do have fun there, at least most of the time. But tonight, as I said above, certain people just get under my skin. At least I get to bitch about it on the Internet - They have to go home and still be retarded.

(Ouch, that was nasty.)

At least tomorrow is another day. And hopefully a better one.


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