Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bitter Canadian.

I was working tonight, and I was talking to some American tourists that were up as part of a school choir type function.
(I forget exactly what it was, but there was singing involved, and a lot of people.)
As I had helped serve the organizers of the group the other night, we got to talking and I asked them how they were enjoying their stay and how they were being treated. They said that everything was great and that everyone had been "incredibly nice" to them.

We talked about weather and then I asked them what they thought about our gas prices. Since what we are paying a litre works out to about $5.50 a US gallon, I figured they would be shocked. And I was right.

As I was making that comment to them, another customer, completely not part of the conversation, chimes in about how our prices would be lower if we didn't export so much to the U.S. Then he starts on about how we are being screwed in the softwood lumber agreement by the U.S. only paying back 4 billion instead of 5 billion in illegal tariffs.

He came across as really bitter and really sarcastic.

I covered as best I could, and tried to make light of the situation. But c'mon, what would you think if you were on vacation and some yahoo started in on you about the things your country has done. It's not like these people have anything to do with American oil imports or softwood lumber. They are people on vacation, and are hopefully going to go back and tell everyone what a great time they had. But if we verbally bitch to every American we come across about how stupid and rotten their government is, that's not going to change anything, except that they won't come here and spend money anymore.

And we look like whiny little bitches while we are at it.

And nobody likes a whiny bitch.


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