Friday, May 05, 2006

Low Tide.

I drive to work every day.

It's not a complaint, as I like to have the time to wake up, listen to music, or tune in to the radio. (Talk Radio only, news or sports.) Most of the drive is along the shoreline, where I can look out over the ocean as the sun breaks, it's changing colors illuminated in the waters glassy surface.

When I'm going home, it's on the other side, and I can watch the light play on the waves as they break on the beach, and see the ships on their way as they pass thru the straight.

But somedays, at certain times, it sucks.

You see, on a day like today- when it was about 19-20 degrees Celsius all day- it will sometimes happen that the tide will go out during the afternoon. If it is an exceptionally low tide, and the sun is beating down for just the right duration, the stench of rotting kelp and other sundry odors emanating from the beach are enough to make me want to toss my cookies, and then toss the bag they came in as well.

Forget how long I've lived in the coast. Forget that I've been to the beach countless times. Forget that the human olfactory system can become acclimated to almost anything thrown its way.

That shit stinks. Bad.

I'm not even going to go into the people who own Oceanside homes. But how do they stand it when it's like someone unloaded a septic tank all around their home? In the summer? When you want to be outside. Crazy.

If it's like that tomorrow, I'll be Mr.-Rolled-Up-Windows-With-The-Air-Conditioning-On.



  1. Nothing, but nothing!, smells like a mill.
    I work in the most industrialized section of Canada, and NOTHING smells like that dirty fucking mill!

  2. Yes, but all of Ontario smells like shit, so you should be used to the smell by now.