Sunday, May 21, 2006


While I was at work today I noticed a cop busting someone in the parking lot. It was for a driving infraction of some sort, and of course, the person on the receiving end of the ticket did not look too pleased. I chuckled and went on my merry way. (Better him than me, right?)

I look outside again a little while later, and there's the same police officer ticketing yet another driver. I was amazed that two people would be caught so close together.

Later in the day, I step outside again and you know what? Same cop, different driver. In total, I witnessed this officer ticket about five different vehicles in the space of three hours. That's just what I saw. I wasn't outside for any significant time, I just noticed when I had occasion to step out doors.

Now I'm all in favor of catching people who do stupid things when they drive, but considering the fact that I've been at this location for six months, this is the only time I have ever seen police doing any kind of operation like this. Why were they here? Was it to bust the tourists who are in the area for the long weekend? Was it to protect safety of people using the highway?

Or was it the fact that it's near the end of the month, quota's due, and they know that stopping offenders here is like shooting fish in a barrel?

I think it's one of the three, you can decide which.


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