Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Remotely Confusing.

I'll admit it, I'm a remote control hog.

I usually see myself as a relaxed individual, but when someone else is holding the remote, I get nervous and fidgety, and lose any and all forms of patience.
I like to flick through the channels, scanning at my leisure, but when others are doing this it drives me nuts. Why? Who knows, but I think man has been like that since the little box was invented.

What's the best way to channel surf? Do you flick like I do? Oh, I could use the guide, but then that would involve reading the paper or another book, or God forbid, punching another button on the remote. Plus, those guides are wrong sometimes. What if there was a really cool rerun they forgot to list, how would I know? (It's a tragedy to miss that A-Team episode where they build a tank from a box of Kleenex and 4 Popsicle sticks. B.A. Baracus was the shit, yo.)

Sometimes you just miss out. Someone has possession of the remote before you, and to just outright take it is bad form. (I'll admit, I stoop to this regularly, so don't think I'm a Saint.) I'm also famous for changing the channel as soon as you leave the room. ("Oh, you were watching that?" Don't worry , I think it's on later.") I do usually win most of the T.V. battles in my home, but I think that's more from pity than any real genius on my part.

I pout like a motherfucker when I don't get to watch what I want. (It's a last resort, but usually I catch the remote if it's hurled in frustration)

So are you able to let go? Do you hold the remote tighter than a fat-chick holds a bag of Doritos? Or can you relent to share and let others have input on what you watch.?

I'm in the first category, and I feel sorry for you all in the second.


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