Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Change Of Pace.

I'm working on changing my routine.
I'm going to try cutting back on "teh Internet" for a bit.

Oh, I'm still going to blog.
I've made it an addiction. And out of all the ones I have, it's probably the safest one to keep.
But changing the way you do things is never an easy task, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. But I've made a commitment to change and that is what counts.

I've stated time and again how much I like to blog. I find it relaxing and cathartic, and a welcome end to the day. I've just changed at what time I blog, not what I say or what I feel I can say.
It's mainly just time management. I have to make the most effective use of my time right now, and as incredibly addictive as the 'net is, I have to wean myself of it bit by bit.
(Or would that be bit by byte? That's the nerd in me talking.)

So have no fear, the thoughts they are a ramblin' and I'll still keep spewing them out for all of you to hear. (Or read, actually, but you know what I mean.)



  1. Sometims a change of pace isn't a bad what you need to do mt leats this way I don't have to wait up till midnight for something to read....fucker

  2. Oh god. Please tell me the Coffee at Timmys experience isn't gonna go too. I need the maybe-monthly outing to keep what tenuous hold I have on reality.

    There. I guilted him good. I wanted to say 'my therapist,' but only because I could say it like TheRapist, which is funny because it was on SNL.

    But remember: even moderation, in moderation.