Wednesday, May 17, 2006


What scares you?

I was dealing with The Boy today, cause he was freaking out about a fly buzzing around the house. Nothing major, he just doesn't like bugs. The problem lies in convincing him that there are bugs to be wary of, but none of them will cause you any physical pain unless you bother them first. It's funny, because he normally has no fear in any other sense, but for some reason, right now bugs really creep him out.

But it got me thinking about types of fear.

Some people are afraid of physical pain, even to extremes, and others don't think anything about jumping off cliffs and buildings or doing all sorts of crazy things that will cause you great bodily harm unless everything goes just right. I'm kinda middle of the road. I'm a cautious type, but I don't shy away from anything physical out of fear of hurting myself.

Others are afraid of the larger picture. Big things, like North Korea and Iran. To them, the War On Terror is a very real thing, and they feel that it could happen to them at any time. Inversely, there are people out there who have no idea of the happenings of the world, so to them, there are no big fears, just the day to day ones.

Some peoples biggest fear might be not making it to work on time, or having someone find out they listen to Kenny G. Others might be afraid of losing their home, or something happening to someone they care about. I'm not sure where my fears fall in to this generalization I'm making, but they are out there, and some are larger than others.

The main thing with my fears, and for anyone else's for that matter, is to not let them overwhelm you, as once they do, it's mighty hard to get them under control again.

Just ask The Boy when there's a bee in the room.


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