Friday, May 19, 2006

Blogger's Block.

So I was out for coffee with Bish, The Sidekick and The Graduate.

We started talking about blogs and blogging, and how frustrating it can be when you completely forget what you were planning on talking about. It happens countless times a day, when something happens or you have some random thought, and you think that you'll blog about that.

But although the mind is willing, it's also retarded at times.

I've tried to write things down, little notes to myself, and none of that ever works. I usually look at the idea later on and wonder what the hell I was thinking. It would be great at times if I could write while the idea was still fresh, but if I was able to do that, I would never get any work done and my lawn would never get mowed. I'd be horrible if I had a job with an Internet connection, as I'd be blogging or wasting my time some other way. Better to let sleeping dogs lie.

What's more amazing is that from other topics of our conversation tonight, I had about three different ideas that I wanted to talk about. Did I write it down? No. Did I forget? Yes.

Did I get lazy and fall back on an old standby of blogging about my inability to blog?

Well, you are reading this, aren't you?


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