Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tin Ear.

Like most other projects in life, moving the desk became the starting point for about seven other minor jobs. Having to clean off the desk to move it meant going through the stack of disks that were laying around, (Tell the Sidekick they were in their cases; he foams at the mouth about that shit) sorting them and putting them away.

Now some of them were actual disks, not just burned compilation disks, ( I'll get to those later) so I started sorting them into "keep" piles and "garage sale" piles. Figured I might as well make back some of the money I sunk into these things, even if it's only a small percentage.

Let me tell you, the "keep" pile was very small. I can't believe that I used to listen to some of this shit. What was I smoking when I picked up The Moffats? Why do I have a Sky album in my house? Sure, it's balanced out by the Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots, and the Nine Inch Nails disk trumps the fact that I had something made by Colin James.

But that's not all.

I started looking through the burned disks in my collection. You know, the CD-R's you write "work tunes Jan '01" on? Oh-my-fucking-God. Someone should have given me a slap. Limp Bizkit? Linkin Park? My eardrums should be penalized on general principle. I can't understand why I wasted bandwidth on some of this garbage. Don't get me completely wrong, some of it was OK. Not much, but some. Why did I find Kid Rock so fascinating at one time? I guess I figured he was the spokesman for my generation. That is if my generation is hillbilly rednecks.

I chalk it up to immaturity. I know, I 'm over Thirty, but guys are allowed to claim immaturity as a defense until we're over Fifty. It's in the books. Look it up.

I wonder if I'll look back again in five years and wonder why the hell I was listening to the crap I am now, all while downloading the album from American Idol season 12. God I hope not.

If I am, do me a favor and end it quickly.



  1. words can not show my dismay at what you had typed. I know that you had some bad music, and I accepted you for it but damn. No matter what you think of my choice in Ohish or The Grateful Dead or even the Tragically hip. No words will match the fact that you own The Moffets and Sky. Are you sure there are no mini-pop's goin on in there too.hahaha

  2. Whoa, there, pally. Groups like Linkin Park and, yes, Limp Bizkit, all have their places. Don't banish some decently hard-ish (but safely pop) music to the Garage Sale pile just because you're not in the mood at the moment. I still pull out the Stray Cats, at times, and keep some Huey Lewis around for the very same contengency where my taste may suddenly go for some decent harminica bar-rock. At least Huey can sing, unlike Springsteen.

    Lose the Sky or Moffets if you must, but consider it all carefully: it's music you'd never be caught dead buying again, so just be careful you don't lose what may have some redeeming quality later.

    WV also pleads for the release of the music you've sent off to the camps by offering, swear ta god, 'dchau'

    Finally, resist the Creeping Featurism that seems to be invading the Desk project. Get in, do precisely the work required, get out. Adding more requirements to the job will only delay things and reduce quality, a lesson you should have learned as a Windows user by now.