Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mid-Life Alzheimer’s

Did you ever have that nagging suspicion that you forgot something?

It always hits me at about the same time on the road either to or from work.

If I'm on my way to work, I give a slight lurch and scramble for my work keys, frantically patting my pockets until I locate them. Anyone driving by will think I'm either putting out a fire or jerking off. (And I'm not sure if I'd like to know which one they choose.) After I locate them, I feel like a fool for even questioning it. Then the fact that I had to think about it bothers me, and I start to wonder what I was really worried about. (Did I shut the coffee pot off? Did I turn off the stove? God help me, did I flush?)

Leaving work is even worse. I'll be on my way home, feeling content about another days work carried out to perfection, when some small item will pop into my mind. (Did I lock the safe? Did I lock the door? Did I remember to complete that paperwork? God, help me, did I flush?) Some of these items have made me actually turn back and check. Some of them I leave until the next day, but check first thing in the morning, or wait and see if anyone says anything if I work the later shift.

I have noticed this trend increasing as I get older, but I'm not sure if it is a symptom of a larger problem, something associated with age, or that fact that sometimes I'm just a fucking moron.

I know I'm not the only one who does this, and that may be the only consolation. Or I think I know I am. I could be. I don't know. I forget.



  1. My vote is just a fucking moron but hey I am just one guy....

  2. At least I don't forget where the spellcheck button is, bitch.