Monday, June 05, 2006


"I can wipe my own ass!"

Outside of the movie Big Daddy, these are the greatest words any parent can hear.
People talk about potty training & how great it is that the kid's out of diapers, but until you hear this phrase, you are still a slave to the child. Your title only mutates from Changer to Wiper, and trust me, it's not a promotion.

The Boy has made me a proud parent today.

Sure, he didn't use the profanity like in the above statement, but that's a good thing. The fact is now he can take care of himself in almost every bathroom circumstance, and therefore, I don't have to.
You have now idea how much time it takes out of your day. (Imagine how much time it takes you to shave. Now imagine shaving four or five times a day.) Of course I'm including Number One in the equation when I mention that. No way anyone should shit 5 times a day.

But I digress. The main thing is he's growing up.

Some parents will remember the first day of school, some will remember the first race won, others will look back fondly to the time the little one hits their first baseball.


Greatest day is when he wiped his own ass.



  1. So, what's your thoughts? Didja get him all that kandoo bathroom buddy stuff, with the animals and foamy soap and especially the slick wet-wipes, or is he just a Quilted Northern man like his dad?

  2. Use have to use the tools. Got him the whole set. If they had those when I was a kid, I'd still be wiping with a moist towellette.