Friday, June 30, 2006

Courtesy Flush.

Sometimes people just disgust me.

There's a public bathroom where I work.
We are the only restroom around for at least 2 miles, so it seems to see a lot of action. As busy as it is, we do try to keep it clean and sanitary for those who use it. I have no problem with keeping it stocked and available. It's a courtesy we offer, and as such, the customers are welcome to it.

I just wish they would keep up their end of the deal.

On three separate occasions today I walked into the bathroom to check it out and make sure everything was as it should be.

Sink clean? Check.
Counter clean? Check.
Paper Towels full? Check.
Toilet paper there? Check.
Seat Down? Check. (I'm always looking out for the ladies.)

Aw, hell no.

What does it take for someone to just flush the damn toilet? How hard can it be? Why would you leave that there for someone else to see? Are you so proud of what you've done that you want the next random person who walks in here to share in the wonderment of the creation you have spawned?

I can understand once. Maybe some little tyke, afraid to flush for fear of being sucked down the pipes, leaves it for the next person. Sheer childhood ignorance and shame. But if that's the case, this "kid" must have been about 285 pounds and on a high fibre diet. Anyone that big isn't going to fall in any drain around here.

I think it's just inexcusable. I'd like to hunt these "Mad Bombers" down and force them to watch Maury Povich. (Just because that's about the shittiest thing I can imagine, next to what I've had to deal with.) Then they will have experienced something similar to my level of disgust.


It's amazing how I can go from nothing to toilet humor in just one day. Just wait- architectural humor will be next! Flying buttresses, wainscoting? That shit's hilarious!

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