Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thin Is In.

Oh my God.

I can't believe how fucking huge this monitor is.

When I turned it on, it was like the lights of heaven were streaming out, bathing me and the rest of the room in it's cool glow. The picture is so sharp I think I can cut myself on one of Firefox's tabs. I know what 19" looks like - I see it everyday in the mirror- and yet the sheer size still impresses me.
(Could I sound any geekier? I don't think so.)

You have to understand, I've had the same monitor for about seven years. When I purchased it, 17" CRT Monitors were pretty much state of the art. It served me well and I've never complained about it - it's just that it took up so much space. It was a great piece of equipment, and from my original computer that it came with, was the only piece that was still in use. Everything else had been changed or upgraded. Color-wise, it was the only beige thing left. At last my slide to the dark side is complete. (Ah yes, I can sound even geekier.)

I think the time in which I removed the old monitor and set this one up must have broken several land speed records. Where before there was no room , there are now wide spaces on my desk. I could even place an item in front of the monitor now. Unheard of in the old days.

I may even watch movies on my computer. Compared to the old monitor, this one is like a fucking IMAX. If I just had stadium seating around the desk I could charge admission.

But that's enough gloating for now. I think I can work on my Farmer Tan just sitting in front of this, so I'll get some sunbloack and a coffee and take this baby for a spin.



  1. which model of Dell was it? (It's on the back if you don't know)