Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fount Of Knowledge.

Lately The Boy's been asking questions.

Not those kind of questions; he's still a bit young for "The Talk".
He just seems to ask questions about anything he sees and everything he encounters. I think it's great that he is so observant and asks questions, it's just that he won't take a simple answer for anything.

"What's that, Daddy?"
"It's a bag, son."
"What's a bag for, Daddy?"
"To make it easier to carry stuff."
"Why they call it a bag, Daddy?"
"---- Because they do, son."

Any other child, that conversation would end right there. But mine looks for the deeper meanings, and isn't satisfied until he finds them. Or at least what he believes the correct answer could be. As long as I give a long and complicated enough response, it doesn't matter what I'm actually saying.

"Why they call it a bag, Daddy?"
"Because in ancient times, before you were born, Superman and Batman had trouble coming up with a way for Robin to carry all his makeup. So they borrowed some of Wonder Woman's old uniforms and cut holes in the brassiere for handles. She was so upset that she got really angry and had a tantrum. They thought she was acting like a snotty bag, and to insult her, that's what they called their new creation."
"Oh, okay Daddy, that's why."

See what I mean?
I figure he learns enough just watching what I do. All the real complicated answers? I'm leaving them for his teachers.


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