Sunday, June 04, 2006


Now I'm not a bad driver, and I believe in the rules of the road.

That being said, I'm really starting to get pissed with two distinct groups in this town. Walkers and Cyclists. Now I think it's great that they are out exercising, enjoying the sights and trying to better them selves physically. I'm not going to fault them for that.

I'll fault them for being retarded pricks is what I'll fault them for. At least about 92.7% of them that is. (My own statistic, I have no factual data to back it up.) Not a day goes by that one of these groups doesn't break a major rule of the road.

Why do most pedestrians feel that they have the right to just step out into any area, marked or unmarked, and it is my responsibility to ensure they don't end up on the hood of my car? I understand that there is a crosswalk there. But if you don't stop and look up to see if there is traffic coming, don't scowl at me when you try to step out into traffic. I have no idea if you are going to cross or if you are just turning the corner and going on your merry way. Post a fucking sign if you need to, but make it obvious what you are going to do.

And Cyclists. I'm not going to make fun of the outfits, or the shorts, or the crazy fucking helmets you guys wear. I'll pick on the fact that the only group that swerves out into traffic more than you are suicidal alcoholics with inner-ear infections. Jesus, even I remember from the Grade Three Bike Rodeo that you should do a shoulder check before moving into traffic. I know your Ten Thousand Dollar bike didn't come with mirrors, but maybe you can pick up a set at Canadian Tire. And really, do the shorts have to be so tight? I know you're a guy, but I don't need to know if you have your "little helmet" or not. ( I know I said I wasn't going to pick on the shorts, but c'mon...)

Until these groups find some sort of way to co-exist with the rest of us, there's not much we can do. I'll try to drive a little more defensively, but just in case I think I'll get a cow-catcher put on the front of the car.


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  1. Overly entitled pricks. There should be no law allowing a person to neglect the rights of anyone else. My right to extend my fist does not allow me to extend it into your nose, as the adage goes.