Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cluster Fuck.

Once I got to work today, anything that could go wrong did go wrong - and in a big way.

It was mostly equipment type problems, but the type of stuff that just puts you behind. Add to that the fact that I was coming back from my days off (Always a catch-up day) and that when I walked in the place looked like it was organized by mildly retarded chimps. ( I say mildly retarded only because fully retarded chimps would have left shit on the walls.) And although the equipment was dealt with, it did stress out some of my coworkers immensely. It's funny how some people let a couple of hiccups ruin their whole day.

Ended up taking a later lunch trying to get caught up, but all that meant was that when I got back I was even farther behind on my afternoon stuff. I guess I should have skipped lunch and just lived off my hump. By this time I was so far behind it's like I was living in the past.

I did eventually get caught up. How you ask? Well I did bust my ass for the rest of the afternoon, and if you combine that with the fact that I'm damn good at my job, the answer is self explanatory.

Thank God tomorrow is another day.
If it's anything like this one, I think I just might stab someone in the eye.


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