Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sale Of The Century.

So the big Garage Sale went down today.

It worked out alright, we sold about half of what we had. It went so well that I'll do it again tomorrow, just to see if I can get rid of anymore stuff. What doesn't sell is only going to be donated or given away, so I'll try to get what I can for it.

I've never ran a Garage Sale before, so it was an interesting experience. Never has "One man's trash is another man's treasure" rung so true before. The stuff that I thought would sell right away either didn't or sat there for ages. The stuff we put out that I figured would never sell flew off the tables so fast I couldn't believe it. (Who would have known that 80's hair metal cassette tapes would be scooped up so quickly?)

I expected people to stop by and take a look. I didn't expect them to paw through almost every item and bicker and haggle on the price. I knew they would haggle, but sometimes it was almost insulting what they would try to offer. The worst of the bunch are the ones who scrounge through it all, expecting to come up with the next centre piece on the Antiques Roadshow, and then just walk off empty handed. I almost wanted to chase after them and ask "What about my garbage isn't good enough for you?" But I think that would be breaking some sort of unspoken Garage Sale etiquette.

Like I said, it's quite the experience and you see quite the range of people who show up. There were young families, old people (the largest percentage), refugees from the trailer park standing right beside a lady with $500 sunglasses. Go figure, it takes all kinds. I'm not going to really complain, as all their money was legal tender, and spends just the same. (I was secretly worried some guy would try to barter with me; trying to trade 3 chickens for my Coverdale/Page CD.)

I also had the feeling that I was being judged by some of these people. They are scrounging through my stuff, and sometimes I could tell they were wondering why I had an item or why I was getting rid of an item. ("Why does this guy even own Ren & Stimpy videocassettes? What is he, 12 or something?") That's right, judge me while you stand there with your 2 year old, smoking a cigarette, drinking a Slurpee and dressed to the nines in a shirt that reads "Michael Bolton Rules". Fuck You.

But I said it before, I'll do it again tomorrow. The monetary rewards far outweigh putting up with 3 or 4 hours of dealing with the public.

So if you are out in your neighborhood and happen to see a house surrounded by rusty cars and shiny SUV's - stop in. It just might be our Garage Sale. And I can sell you a piece of shit I don't want anymore.


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  1. Dude, tell me you saved me some good stuff. I have my chicken right here, and I'm a sucker for the vintage music.