Saturday, December 24, 2005

Papal Problem

Is it just me or does this "New Pope" look evil?

I know I'm really far behind the times to be saying this, but I don't normally pay that much attention to the Catholic Church.

Maybe it's the way he has that evil gleam in his eye, maybe it's that he's German, but something about this guy bugs me.

Lets start with the German thing. First of all, let me say that not all Germans are evil. But this guy looks like he was old enough to have been around when there were real bad Germans out there. Did they do a good background check on him? Can you place his whereabouts prior to 1945? If someone says he was the village priest at Auschwitz, that would be a clue that somethings not right. And look at that face. Put a tiny black mustache under his nose, and BAM! - Hitler.

He does have that nasty look going on. Reminds me of that old man from Family Guy. You know the one I mean, the pedophile. Looks like he just had an alter boy for lunch and is eyeing you up for a light snack. Reminds me of the look the Emperor had before the end of Episode 3. "Cardinal Vader?" "Yes, my master?" "Rise, it's time for confessional."

And the name he has picked. Benedict. Benedict Arnold, anyone? Huh? Traitor to the revolution? What's this guy trying to hint at? He's hinting there's not going to be any church reform, except that from now on, all alter boys will wear butt-less chaps. (Like most of them didn't already.) I think that's the Evil Tip Off. The name's the hint, the looks just natural.

I'm sure that the church will sue me, or hunt me down and exorcise me, (I've seen what they did to Emily Rose, I think I can handle it.) But as long as they don't haul be to the Death Star - I mean Vatican, I should be OK. At least in the cell-blocks there it's not bread and water; it's crackers and wine.



  1. Molester central if you ask me....

  2. And a former alter boy pipes up with tales form the inside!

    Did it scare you when he touched your wee-wee?

  3. he was actually recruited to the "hitler youth" at around 12 years old,
    although he states he ran to the church as soon as it happened,
    to avoid having to serve.

    your right about the evil eyes

    i dont trust people in costumes generally,
    ...always trying to hide something