Saturday, December 10, 2005

Every Inambition

Why do some people even get out of bed?

I really loathe dealing with people's piss-poor attitude when it comes to work.
Show some drive! Some intensity! I'm not saying you have to be doing cartwheels around the joint, but for Christ-sakes, look like you want to be here.

Are you unhappy in your work? Then fucking leave. I got no time to sit and listen to you bitch about how hard you have it, or how you think the world has shit on you.
Think you can do better somewhere else? Go ahead, walk away. I have no use for you if all you think about is yourself and not the people around you or the company that pays your goddamn salary.

Just because you showed up does not mean I owe you a paycheck. That's why it's called working, otherwise it would be called drop-in-money-time. You are not "doing me a favor" by being here with your shitty attitude, I'd rather not have you here at all, or at least get a trained ape in there to replace you. Sure, the ape will be hurling its own feces around, but it will be doing it with a smile on it's face.

Want to earn more money? Work Harder. Show me that you are worth the investment. Why would I give good money to someone who hates working here as much as you do?
As I said earlier, if you don't want to be here, don't show up. Then I get to can your lousy ass and bring in someone who wants to work.

Like the ape.


  1. So..really Dale how is work going??

  2. Really well, actually.
    It's just one or two people who can drive you fucking bonkers, and I happened to have both of them on the same shift.
    You know what it's like, you just want to blow your top and leave a trail of destruction in your wake....
    The only thing I miss about the Arches is that there, I could fire anybody I wanted. Here, not so much. Yet.

  3. and it is said that unionized workers are lazy and unproductive...

  4. Are those folks unionized, D? I thought they were standard workaday like Arches folks; just uppity, older and angrier. ;-)

    Don't hurt 'em.

    On a related note, I *want* a unionized job. They tell me (when) to go home! I think union jobs were made for the recovering workaholic.