Friday, December 30, 2005

One Hundred.

The great thing about having this blog is that it enables me to put my opinion, in my own words, out into the ether for all to see. Good or Bad, it doesn't matter if I come across as an asshole or a saint, at least I can say that these are my words and I stand behind them.
I'll admit if I'm wrong, and you know I'll gloat (just a little) if I'm right, but a least I had the balls to write something, even if you or someone else doesn't agree with what I say.

I'm a big fan of comments, and usually if I don't know who leaves them, I'll check through their profile and see what they write about or what their opinions are.
Nothing pisses me off more than some schmuck who'll leave a retarded, off topic, inflammatory comment; and yet this guy doesn't have the cohones to put his thoughts out there. They'll insult another persons writings, yet like the cheap fuck the are, can't find it in themselves to give others the same shot at their beliefs or opinions.
Don't come to the party unless you're willing to dance.

If you feel the need to insult others likes, dislikes and opinions, at least have yours out for others to see.

Not the topic I had planned for my 100th post, but it'll do.


  1. dude
    howd ya know it is 100?
    seems like you got alot to say.

    sorry to hear about your bowels
    and your granddad
    not much you can say about either of those topics,
    but sorry to hear that.

  2. There's a post count on the "Dashboard" - as they call it.
    Everything is workin' out better now, the New Year should be off to a great start.