Friday, January 04, 2008



I can handle rain.

Little sprinkles of water, falling from the sky, forming puddles my kids can jump in and splash about. It's fun to watch them play and just enjoy the moment. That crisp smell of clean after the rain has passed is wonderful.


What I can't handle is a torrential downpour that howls across the landscape, creating lakes where there once was dry asphalt. My kids don't get a chance to puddle-jump as the force of the wind would bowl them over. The puddles look like they have whitecaps. The only smell is wet skin and dampness - not pleasant at all.

To sum it up, going downtown to accomplish the five things I had to do today was frustrating and exhausting. The kids handled it well, considering that they were water logged for the most part.

When we got home, I checked them for gills.

Just to make sure.


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