Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hell Is A Parking Lot.

No matter where I went today, parking was a bitch.

I know that part of it is because of the weather, but I also know that the other part is that people are fucking retarded.

And when it's raining like this I'm lucky if I find a spot even remotely close to the door - so I don't even try. I park a bit away and walk. (Even with the kids, this is sometimes the easiest solution.)

My issue today was that wherever I parked, some shmuck would park right next to me (driver's side of course) and leave me with less than a foot to open my door.

Forget trying to wedge my ample frame through the gap - do you have any idea how difficult it is to put a kid in a car seat when you have only enough room to fit the kid and your arms into the opening? I felt like Homer Simpson handling uranium rods.

Why would some ass park next to me like that? There were at least two or three other empty spaces on either side of me. If it was only once, I'd think it was just one asshole, but since it was three times I'm staring to think it's an epidemic.

Maybe my car looks hotter than all the other cars on the lot, and people think we can huddle for warmth - or maybe they just like pissing me off. I think it's probably the fact that they are idiots , and aren't paying attention to anything other than themselves.

The last answer is more than likely the correct one.

Next time I'll be a gentleman, and just politely let the air out of their tires.

That'll show them.


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