Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shed A Tear.

One of the kids at work put his resignation in tonight.

When some of the other staff found out, they asked me if I was sad that he was leaving, and seemed shocked that I said I wasn't.

It's not like I worked with the kid for years - he'd been around about 6 months - and since he was only part-time I maybe worked with him once a week. It's not like we formed a tight relationship. He was alright personality wise, but he was lazy as fuck and I had to keep following up on him to make sure he was doing his job.

So I wasn't sad to see him leave.

Doesn't mean I'm a heartless bastard.

There are people that I do miss working with - but those were people that I worked with for a long time or had a special connection with. Those are the ones that you think back to when you wonder where all the good ones went.

Some scrub kid? Won't miss him a bit.

I don't fool myself, either. I know that if and when I ever leave my job, there are going to be those who are sad to see me go and those who can't wait for me to leave. I won't be bothered by that at all.

Now someone find me a tissue - I'm getting all emotional over here.


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