Friday, January 25, 2008

Forty-Eight Dollars An Hour.

Right after I got home from work tonight, my neighbor calls: he's having a Poker game. He's one person short, and asks if I'd like to come over for a bit.

I debate for all of .0035 seconds and say yes.

I grab my buy-in money and run over.

It's a smaller game than the one we normally have - less people at the table, and the blinds aren't as big. I usually enjoy it - and tonight was no exception.

I must have picked the right seat, because the cards I got were red hot right away. I only lost one big hand, and made that back almost immediately. Full houses, top pair, and two pair were my best friends for the duration. I played sensibly, and wasn't in every hand, but the card Gods were nice to me.

I was over there for an hour and a half and cashed out $64 richer.

Not a bad night indeed.

Now if I could just make that wage at my real job.....


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