Monday, January 28, 2008

Badly Drawn Boy.

Everyday at work I have a routine:

When I go on coffee, I grab the newspaper and check out the two most important parts - the Horoscopes and the Funny Pages.

But the Funny Pages aren't so funny anymore.

There are still one or two comics that I regularly get a chuckle out of - the rest I tend to ignore. But there's one comic that just pisses me off. I can't stand it - every time I look at this comic, it makes me cringe. The art is horrible, the jokes are nonexistent and for some strange reason the author has decided to write about a dog for the last 6 months. (Get a better story line, man. I get it - dogs eat table scraps!)

How is it that I get more amusement out of Hagar the Horrible - a strip that's over 30 years old- than I do from something that should, by today's standards, not be so tired and boring?

It's one of those comics that makes me roll my eyes and assume that they'll let any chucklehead have a comic in the papers. All they have to do is keep it bland and uncomplicated. (And this comic is - it's about as uncomplicated as what's in my son's diapers.)

So maybe I should just shut the fuck up and not read it, right? - Wrong.
It's at the fucking top of the page - I have to at least glance at it , even in passing. That's when some horrible piece of art will draw me in, and then there's 30 seconds of my life I'm not getting back. This guy must be blowing the Comics Editor at the Province to get such a prime spot on the page.

So I'll suffer, until the Comics Editor comes to his senses or the writer stops sucking such good cock, and wait for something else to take it's place. Anything will be better than what's there.

Oh look - the dog shit on the carpet. How Original.


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