Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cable Conundrum.

I'm in crisis right now.

I'm not very satisfied with my cable company's performance.

They've been going through some "growing pains" and the quality of programming hasn't been what I expected. As well, there have been a couple of things that have pissed me off lately:
  1. Lack of "On Demand" or Pay-Per-View programming - When I signed up 7 months ago, they were just getting rid of their pay channels and were going to be going to "on demand" channels. This was pointed out to me at the time and I was told the change would happen within a month. (It hasn't) I'm not a big pay-per-view guy, but I feel the lack of follow through is indicative of bad things to come.
  2. HD content - What they have is passable, but it seems to me that those who have satellite or are with another provider are getting more for the same rate that I pay.
  3. Price increase - They just did a price increase this month, so now I'm really questioning if I'm getting the most bang for my buck.
So with all of the above going on, I'm starting to look elsewhere. Sad thing is, my local cable company is the only cable provider - I'll have to go to satellite if I want to change. Have you tried to read a satellite programming/pricing guide? I'd have better luck if I laid the sheet on the floor and used the Staff of Ra to pick something out.

Right now, I'll just go with the flow and do some more research. With any luck, things will improve or else I'll end up finding the deal of the century. Either way, it should work out.

If it doesn't?

Well, I do have all these DVD's to watch.

Princess Bride, anyone?


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  1. I'd easily trade my 38 channels of shit for your 14 channels of shit, even if it means I can no longer pay extra for .. well, something I can rent anyway by dropping by a store on the way home from work. Pay per view looks better when it works, I'm sure, which so far I've never seen; DVD rentals, on the other hand, are hard to screw up and priced in a competitive environment.

    And I'd get to choose my cable internet provider in the bargain? What?!? An ability to actually evaluate apples to apples in internet service, which no other municipality gets? I can keep my fatcat lame cable company somewhat honest by holding over them the one thing they fear, which is the ability to just stop giving them money when they suck too much?

    Meh. What's freedom when one can program up some Wrestling without leaving the house? But you get to have my cable bill too, okay? Oh, and yeah, if you want this one good channel, you have to also buy these 7 other shitty channels too. Enjoy paying for your Indian Frisbee Golf Channel, suckerrrr!