Thursday, January 03, 2008

All Fired Up.

If there's one thing I can't abide in this world it's the kid-gloves way that we handle drug addiction.

I'm of the mindset that drugs are a choice. You made the choice, you have to live with the consequences.

If you are of my generation, or maybe even a bit older, you've had ample exposure to how bad drugs are. I'm not talking about a bit of hash or maybe some pot - I'm talking about crack, coke, crystal meth, and heroin. It's widely known and accepted how addictive and damaging they are. The effects are immediate (unlike cigarettes, which take ages before you see negative health benefits) and well documented.

With that in mind, I feel that any idiot who decides that tonight's the night they're going to fire up the pipe/ hit the needle/ smoke the rock is to be treated like any other disobedient child. Spank them, take the bad stuff away, and teach them not to do it again. They've demonstrated their incompetence just by doing the stuff - what's the point in coddling them?

When I saw the headline in today's paper I was incensed. I see what they are trying to do - halt the spread of Hep C due to people sharing pipes - but I think they are going about it all wrong. There has to be another way.

What's next? Free ice-cold mugs for alcoholics? Free cars for drunk drivers? Why not just hand out guns? You're not giving them the stuff that kills, just the vessel to distribute it , right?

I believe that our government enables addicts. We offer them safe injection sights and free supplies. Why can't that apply to everyone? Do sex addicts get free, government supplied copies of Hustler? Do kleptomaniacs get access to stores after hours? It's not their fault they have a problem, They're addicted.

I'm addicted to Poker - I made a choice to play. Does that mean the government is going to supply me with chips and a table? Where does it end?

I hope that eventually we get someone in charge who says enough is enough - you made your bed, now lie in it.

"Hey crackie, don't want to get Hep C? Don't share your pipe. Lost your pipe? Well, I guess you can't smoke crack anymore, isn't that a shame?"


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