Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Sweetest Two Dollars.

Winning money is great.

But winning money from your best friend?

That, good people, is like sex on cake.

It's only two dollars, but that's irrelevant. I don't get to take The Sidekick's money often - We are pretty much even when it comes to Poker - so any victory is a sweet one. (And at Golf? Bonus!)

I was behind in the match. We were playing $.25 a hole and although I was in the lead earlier, I lost some crucial holes and was down $.75 walking to the last tee box. I proposed double or nothing, to at least get my $.75 back, but The Sidekick decided to raise it up to $2. (He'd won the last hole, and was feeling cocky, I guess.)

I'll admit, I didn't play the hole well - I hit to the right, into a ditch and shot right again coming out - I was up by the pin, but off the green. My nice chip shot and shitty putting allowed me to shoot a 5. By some stroke of luck, The Sidekick faltered at the end, and we ended up tying the hole.

Over and done, right?

Not fucking likely. It's playoff time.

First we decided to chip to the green and putt - we tied.
Putt from far away - tie again.
Putt from what seemed like across the galaxy - I finally sink it - but he gets a chance to tie it up.
(This is the moment I thanked God for the shitty putter that he always complains about.)

Ohhh! Shank to the right! I win!

Not only was the shinny Toonie great, but the coffee I bought with it later?
All the sweeter because of it.


(Thanks for letting me win, buddy.)

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