Thursday, September 13, 2007

Size Matters.

Toronto now has the world's worst case of Shrinkage.

Yes, the T-Dot, once proudly flailing Canada's most public phallic symbol, has been relegated to #2 on the ol' size-o-meter.

The Burj Dubai has surpassed it, and I can see Toronto suddenly questioning it's masculinity.

I'm sure that they'll soon pass bylaws ensuring that people drive more Hummers and Corvettes in Toronto, and that they'll say it's "not how tall your building is, but what you do with it." They'll start to scorn size altogether, and instead focus on how great their sports teams are doing ....oh wait.

I know that this must be a crushing blow for Toronto and it's people. But they'll get by - they always have the memories. No-body's laughing and pointing at the little twig of a building they got there, right? (At least not yet.)

And remember Toronto, it could be worse.

You could be Port Alberni.


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