Sunday, September 23, 2007

MSG is Not For Me.

Every time I eat Chinese Food I feel like shit.

I ask for no MSG, but there are some items (usually my favorites) that are prepared ahead of time and contain the dreaded ingredient. It doesn't matter what I order - I'm either going to get something I like that makes me feel horrible, or be left unfulfilled. It's a lose/lose situation.

MSG never used to bother me, but I've found that as I've gotten older I just can't hack it anymore. Sometimes I feel so horrible that even the thought of Chinese Food is enough to make me gag.

Yet I keep going back, so who's the real idiot here, right?

Haven't you ever loved something, even when you knew it was bad for you?

I'm a whore for fortune cookies, I'll admit it.
Anyone seen the Pepto-Bismol?


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