Monday, September 24, 2007

The Long And The Short of It.

It's not the size of your pencil, but whether or not you can write cursive.

Be it longhand or shorthand, how you write things is almost as important as what you write. Good punctuation, fluid rhythm and proper syntax always make for and enjoyable read - one that you'll bookmark and read over and over again.

Beware improper uses of the comma and always be conscious of the period. (It's very important - miss one and you're fucked.) Contractions are okay, but for elegance and charm I believe that you should always go with the longer from of the word - it sounds classier, not trashy.

As stated above - penmanship is key. Keep it neat and legible. Scribbling all over the place doesn't do anyone any good. You want to make your message clear. If someone struggles with your writing, they aren't going to enjoy what you are trying to say.

I hope this all makes sense somehow, and if it doesn't I guess that's my fault. It's hard to sharpen one's own pencil with just one hand.

Has anyone seen my eraser?


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