Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jealousy Unleashed.

The Sidekick left for the Home Office today.

My envy knows no bounds.

It was about six years ago that He and I went East to visit friends. A simple trip that became a Life Experience. The Memories of drinks and laughter are ones that I recall fondly.

Waking in the Vinyl Lounge with a throbbing headache each day, tasting the beer and cigarettes from the night before. (Yes, that's a good memory.) The drive out to Bobcaygeon, the day in the T-Dot, and touring the "Ghetto" of Ontario.

He's got a condensed trip out there, but I still envy him.

The Fucker.

Hopefully I'll just take his money in Poker when he gets back. (That'll show him.)


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