Saturday, February 18, 2006

Verbal Dancing

I love conversation.

The give and take, the back and forth, it's all good to me.
An intelligent conversation is a great thing, as I've said before, but if you really want to get the juices flowing, there's only one way to go.

The Double Entendre.

And not that ham-fisted shit that passes for sexy talk nowadays. I'm talking about a sly turn of a phrase, a careful wording, meanings hidden in plain sight. The type of stuff you can say right out in public, but in the right light, have a slightly different significance from what was said.

It quickens the blood, sharpens your edge, and can make the dullest day seem alive with adventure. Never is simple conversation such fun.

Try it sometime, but be careful.
There's a fine line between what can be said and what should be said.
And like any dance, the correct partner makes all the difference.


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  1. Vanity Fair once carried an article or interview which sparked a lot of outrage. To everyone who e-mailed them, they sent a nice letter of apology. It wasn't meant for me, as a supporter of their right to free speech, but I got a copy anyway, and it was very well-written.

    I realized just /how/ well it was written when I re-read it again the next day. They'd obviously spent a lot of time tuning it all perfectly. On the second reading, I was very sure they were actually saying "we regret that you were offended by our article, because it means society coddled you too much. Grow up."

    It was a classic. I wish I kept it.