Monday, February 27, 2006

Game Show Retardo.

I know I've bitched about TV before, but you have to hear me out.

I don't normally watch game shows, and there is a reason for that. I think that 73 percent of the people who go on game shows are complete fucking morons. If you exclude those who go on Jeopardy, ( the only intelligent game show in my opinion) the number skyrockets to 99.9 percent.

All the others are just greedy fucking train wreaks. You're not watching to hope the contestant does well, you're watching to see them crash and burn. And most of them do, in a spectacular fashion. Because the average game show contestant should not be allowed to drive to the studio unescorted, never mind appearing on national TV with any sense of dignity intact.

And what's with looking to the audience, your friends, God, hoping for some sign on how to compete better? If the audience knew what to do, they'd be the fuckers up on stage, and since they aren't up there, and have absolutely no stake in the outcome of your contest, why would you ask them for help? I get so pissed when I see this happen.

And that's the big battle at my house. To see if we are going to actually watch this shit. I can't even stand being in the room to watch these greedy bastards act like ignorant schmucks for a chance to win a car or some money. And when they do win something, they'll throw it away to win a little bit more. Who wants to watch that?

I'll admit I'm painting with pretty broad strokes here, and some of these shows are slightly more tolerable than others. Any of them are better than reality TV, but not by much. Like I said earlier, I don't see the fascination.



  1. If i ever make it to LA
    I WILL be going to "The Price is Right"
    I'll bid $1,
    win some shit(possibly golf clubs!)
    Then give Bob a big ole handshake.
    Kick ass at PLINKO,
    Spin the wheel for a dollar,
    win Again for my extra spin.
    Win both of
    Showcase Showdowns,
    And call you my bitch.

  2. I will put htis between these lines bitch

    line...Fuck You....line

  3. Why all the hatin'?

    When you are on a game show I may cheer for you because I know you won't act like a fucking assmuncher while on stage.

    If you are wondering about what show I'm referring to, check out Deal or No Deal with Howie Fucking Mandel. How she can watch that shit I have no idea.