Thursday, February 23, 2006


It's strange how we can be two different people sometimes.
At work, believe it or not, I tend to be a doer, I get shit done.
I'm also a talker, and I'm fairly quick with the joke and the comeback.
I've always been this way, ask any of the people who do or have worked with me.
(Don't ask them anything else though. There are loads of evil rumors about me.)

But at home?

It seems sometimes that procrastination is my middle name.
I'll put off doing stuff, even when I know I should get off my lazy ass and take care of what needs to be done. ( I haven't even done my taxes yet. Don't tell Steven Harper.)
It's not like I let shit spiral out of control, I just tend to let slide some of the jobs that don't thrill me. But then I'll let it sit for only so long, and then cram all of it into one day off, and get it all done then.
You may find this hard to understand, but I'm also a lot quieter at home. A bit more subdued. Most people don't see this, because when there are people over, I revert to entertainment mode and go right into my spiel.
Mostly I like to read,(when possible,) and I do occasionally have deep and contemplative thoughts. (Really, I do.)

Is everyone like this? I think we all must be to some extent, but who knows? Don't tell me I'm alone in this, I know there are a bunch of crazy fuckers out there, maybe even some of them read this blog. (Except the really crazy ones, they just hang in the ghetto and scream at people who aren't there.)

So whether or not you see the vibrant go-getter or the slacker in his Pj's just depends if I'm at work or not. (Unless it's casual day. Then I'm a go-getter in Pajama's)


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  1. [sorry for the 2xpost: can't type for shit]

    I think we all are like that, actually. You wouldn't believe me, but I'm a much /cooler/ guy at home. I'm calm, well-spoken, never excitable over anything. The imaginary chicks all love me, I'm super computer guy, and I'm sure I could save a guy's life if there was anyone around.

    Except when/ever/ people are there; then I'm a right shouting oaf with no talent or skills. Ask J, she'll tell you I'm a complete ogre when she's around.

    WV: suxisaz . Sucks, I Says.