Saturday, February 11, 2006

Circular Speech

There's this guy I work with, and he's a talker.
In and of itself, that's alright, as I am one myself, but it's the way he talks that drives me nuts.

Every conversation you have with him somehow leads back to the same topic, all the time.
It doesn't matter what you talk about, be it the weather, the stock market, the Olympics, whatever; he consistently brings up or redirects the conversation to this topic he's stuck on.
(I can't really say what the topic is, but it regards one of his family members.)

For once I'd like to hear something from him that wasn't about, connected to, or in recollection of his favorite topic. I know why he speaks the way he does, it just infuriates me that he does it.

The only comparison I can give is to talk about The Lord Of Port Alberni.
The Sidekick, (and others) will know who I'm talking about. But suffice it to say that the gentleman I speak of above is almost on par with His Lordship.
(And trust me, I don't have enough time in this life to fully explain that guy.)

Can you imagine having a conversation with me and all I talk about is My Best Friend? (See previous post) I know some of you will think that's all I talk about, but I'll correct you.

It's what I think with, not talk about.


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  1. I read a book a ways back.

    Okay, that sucked as an opener; sounds like I'm all challenging myself: d'yarrr, I read me a book the odder day, yeah, and it wazz a good book too! And it has bunnieeees and kitties and stuff!

    So anyway, there I am reading this book, and this book suggested that the best way to enjoy a conversation is to do less talking, and do more listening; you know, ask good leading questions and engage the person talking so that he or she unconsciously starts enjoying talking with you because it's so easy to do. I think it was one of those Seven Habits of Winning Better Friends or something.

    Obviously this LoPA wannabe at work is really tryin' too hard. I mean, dood, you can be pretty funny at times, if one listens. It's all subtle-like, so one's gotta listen and be really patient

    I hope to god I can learn to listen better than I caught myself doing this weekend, twice, and hopefully avoid becoming a LoPA myself.

    'cuz one time, in Basic Training, we were ... yeah. Whatever. I have better stories without fixating on one or two short - and only marginally exciting - lifetimes I've had.