Monday, February 06, 2006

The Buck Stops...Where?

I think that one of the central problems with the religion of Islam is that no-body's in charge.

Think about it.

If it was Catholics rioting over some cartoons about Jesus, you know for sure that the Pope,(Evil as he is,) would be calling for peace and condemning those who are the cause of the riots. The Church may not look favorably upon said caricatures, but you can at least look to their leader to ensure that the fervent beliefs of his followers don't cast a black mark on the entire religion.

If some newspaper published funny drawings of Joesph Smith, the Mormon Elders would be all over it. They would not encourage rioting or the storming of embassies. (I don't believe there are Danish embassies in Utah, but you know where I'm going.)

But nobody is in charge of the Muslim Religion, and that's a problem. There is no central figure who can be counted on to rein in the more ardent worshipers of the faith. It's mob rule, and everyone knows how that works out. (I know that there might be some kind of Hierarchy, but I checked on Wikipedia and could not find anything.)

So somebody has to take charge. I know George Bush would gladly do it, but that is like asking Beelzebub to take charge of the Sunday School class.
I know that the Muslims are upset about the drawings, but if there was a central figure who could express the Islamic people's disapproval and get a formal apology, then I'm sure it never would have degenerated into the stinking mess it's at now.

Where does it go from here? Who knows.
But I'm going to doodle more carefully from now on. (Least I offend a passing Jedi.)


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  1. Funny how we think alike sometimes...I was going to post on this whole topic but you beat me to I'm sure..but to the topic at hand.

    I think another thing about the Muslim religion is that it is so don't fuck with those guys. Sneeze the wrong way and all you will hear is "Jihad, Wholly Bully, Derka Derka" as they reign down a beating on your ass..(So matt and Trey will have you belive) but it is true. The muslim people without a central figure to guide them will take the matter into their own hands.

    The Catholics are at least semi-nice about it. I remeber when Sinead O'Connor ripped up a picture of the Pope on SNL..there was public out cry, catholics were upset..but no one burned the irish embassy..the pope eventually forgave her I think.

    Now imagine if that was a picture of Mohammed..scary to think what would happen then.

    This just goes to prove that religion can be a very touchy thing. All through the ages religion has been at the center of a lot of conflicts..the Crusades any one?...this is no different. I think it is hard for a cwestern culture to really grasp faith that others put in their religion, we come from a culture where people put has much devotion behind their faith in "God" as they do in thier favorite sports hero...

    Sorry I am starting to go on and on but I'm sure you get my drift...religion can be very very bad....