Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Asked & Answered.

I just wish the media would get off Wayne Gretzky's back.

It's been disclosed that he had nothing to do with the gambling ring or whatever, but the "journalists" still continue to dog him daily about his involvement or how he feels about it.

He's incredibly polite about it, although you can tell he's frustrated, and that means that the "reporters" can smell blood in the water.
All they want him to do is flip out and yell at them, and then they will have yet another photo or quip to put into the papers.

I don't see anyone rushing out to interview Rick Tocchet or any of the players who actually participated in this endeavor. You have to try and bleed Wayne dry, just to sell some papers, or get Johnny Six-pack to "tune in at eleven".

What happened to reporting that meant something, like uncovering injustice around the world, or showing that the most powerful nation in the west is run by a man who has trouble tying his shoes?

Fuckin' Reporters.
Piss Off.


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