Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Public Persona.

The Sidekick and I were having coffee tonight, and he brought up an interesting point.
(I know, I'm as shocked as the rest of you.)

"What if you finally got to meet the one person you always wanted to; and they turned out to be completely the opposite of what you expected?"

I'm not sure how I would handle that.
There are lots of people I want to meet, maybe have a beverage with, and the reason I'd like to meet them is because of what I perceive their personalities to be. Obviously, if I think a guy has the personality and intelligence of a piece of cork, (George Bush) then I'm not going to want to meet him. (Except to slap them around, as in Dubya's case.)

Slightly different than I expected? I can deal with that. I have yet to meet any person who completely lived up to my preconceived notion of them. That's not a bad thing by the way, 95% of the time my preconceived notion is that the general public are idiots. You normally have to work to disprove that theory. Most do, the rest you read about in these pages.

However there are a few people that I can think of that I would be disappointed if the image they presented was opposite that of the real one.
  • John Cusack- Should be just a regular guy, but famous.
  • Dave Grohl - Same as John, but better on the sticks.
  • Tom Cruise - I expect him to be a psycho, any different would be upsetting.
  • Dennis Leary - If we didn't get drunk and smoke a pack of cigs, I'd be amazed.
  • Bono - If he's like Joey thinks he is, I'll be shocked.
  • Angelina Jolie - If she doesn't scoop me off my feet, it'd be her loss.

That's just a random sampling. I am I wrong in most of my perceptions? Probably. But I may be fairly close, and that I can handle. Walking into a room to find Britney Spears doing advanced calculus would be a general idea of the kind of opposite I'm talking about.

But until I meet these or any of the other interesting personalities out there, I'll just go with the feeling I have in my gut.

It's been pretty good so far.


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