Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Musical Montage

Late at night my mind does wander,
Oftentimes I start to ponder,
Does it make me quite obscene,
To listen to Winger's Seventeen?

When should I really cease and desist,
Those raunchy tunes I can't resist.
There's still a twinkle in my eye,
When I hear Warrant's Cherry Pie.

These lyrics are completely sexual,
To not listen is ineffectual.
You have to know it's so much fun,
When I hear Slipped Her The Big One.

And lo, they shaped my 80's libido,
Sank my morals like a Rock torpedo.
For who can resist the siren's call
Of Faster Pussycat's Bathroom Wall?

You had to be there to understand,
The wide appeal of the glam.
And in my car you'd hear me sing,
White Lion's She's Got Everything.

Am I too old to still rock out,
To old to shake and twist and shout.
Will it be creepy when I'm eighty,
And listen to Poison's Talk Dirty To Me?

These are the thoughts I often have
As I get older, I am not glad.
And although I do not listen religously,
They're on my player, in Em-pee-three.



  1. I suddenly feel very very dirty....hahaha..80's hair metal....ok that's enough I am going to go and listen something good now...

  2. Hair metal is awesome. In moderation, but awesome.

    Maybe it's the association, but it's cool. I need to get my /own/ sirius account and stop weaseling larry's though.