Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Den Of Thieves

Had coffee with the sidekick and McQuarrie tonight.
Once again, good times were had by all.

Discussed the possibility of McQ accompanying us to the Trews concert in Nanaimo.
What concert you say?
What band?

Oh Yea Of Little Faith, trust in me when I say that I am a whore for this band lately. They are constantly on my play-list, in my car, and in fact, are playing right now as I type this.
I'd call them the bastard love child of the Foo Fighters and Sam Roberts.
Disagree with me if you will, but that's what I think.
I'm hoping all my well laid plans come to fruition.


By the way, my Dad's doing a lot better, he'll be home soon.


  1. Oh, make me jealous with your no-bish coffee stories.

    Bah. I woulda been all 'meh' about the Trews anyway. Yeah, kinda a bad run with me being 'meh' about Mr Grohl too. Sorry 'bout that. I'm in a bit of an Offspring and Setzer kick, so slam me in return about /my/ taste in tunes.

  2. Offspring? Setzer?

    Pretty Fly for a Stray Cat?

    Nice mix, buddy.

    Don;t apologize foir your musical taste. It's like the specail needs kid saying sorry for drooling.

    Omigod, I'm nasty now.

  3. Quick Responses do not go well without spellcheck.

    And I made a special needs comment?