Friday, November 04, 2011

Suprise Concurrance.

I'm a fan of The Black Keys.

If you don't know who they are, go here and educate yourself. (Of course, if you are a regular reader we already know you are a person of taste and culture.) You can come back to the blog and thank me later.

So I'm checking out the video for the new single "Lonely Boy" on YouTube -(I highly suggest you check it out below)

And there's an ad right before the video starts -

Normally I skip ads as soon as possible, but for some reason I didn't - and if you've watched it, you'll realize why I'm glad I didn't.

I'm a straight man, but the combination of Ryan Reynolds & Denzel (No last name needed 'cause it's motherfuckin' Denzel) is to much to resist.

The fact that such an awesome looking trailer was matched with an awesome song means one thing:

Good Job, Marketing Boys - I'm going to buy this album and watch the shit outta this movie. (Pictures will NOT be posted of either event.)

But just for the record: I dance waaaay better than the guy in the video.



  1. I love the Black Keys... I run a bar/music venue in Portland and they have been here twice over the last year or so.... so good!!!

  2. I'm envious, Steve - I would give my figurative left nut to see them live. (What's the going price for a testicle on Craigslist anyway?)

    ..and Portland, you say? The Sidekick and I might just have to make a trip across the border if you ever host them again..


  3. I went to see them in Nottingham last year and they were absolute-fucking-lutley incredible. When they did Sinister Kid I truly thought the roof was coming off fRom the crowd reaction.